Fall 2013


Alicia M. Alexander, “Quack is as Quack Does: How Modern Pharmaceutical Companies Have Become Quacks”

Georgia Bock, “From Stigma to Respect: A Change in Attitudes Towards Women with Breast Cancer since the 19th Century”

Glenna Colerider-Krugh, “ADHD in Children: A Historical and Cultural Explanation”

Sarah Corapi, “Questioning the Objectivity of the Biomedical Model in America: A Case Study of the History of HIV/AIDS”

Sarah Farbman, “There Were Babies Before Roe v. Wade? The Criminalization of Abortion in the 19th Century”

Clara Kirkpatrick, “The Rise of the Male Obstetrician: Childbirth as a Medical Procedure”

Kayleigh Kresse, “Insight into Victorian Era Medicine: Context to Where We Stand Today Regarding the Female Physician”

Kaya Matson, “The American Depression: Reliance on Antidepressants”

Jeanette Miller, “A Tale of Two Diseases: ADHD and Neurasthenia”

Rachael Morgan, “Morality, Capitalism, and the Limitless Unconscious: The Development of Psychoanalysis in the United States”

Lena Parkhurst, “A Brief History of Federal Intervention in Public Health”

Natisha Robb, “The Resurgence of the Horrific, Harsh, and Ugly Reality of Childhood Diseases: The Inevitable Risk of Forgoing Vaccinations”

Chelsie Salvatera, “Victims of Forced Sterilization (Then and Now)”

Amanda Snodgrass, “Triage and Trauma Medicine in United States Military History”

Andrew Troxell, “These Statements Have Not Been Evaluated by the FDA”

Ross Voelker, “Where Is Genetics 150 Years Later?”

Marissa Yetter, “Post-traumatic Stress Disorder: The End of a Journey or the Start of a New One?”