Spring 2015

Sarah Arena, “Read All About It! The Abortion Debate in the Nineteenth Century American Press”

Joyce Bartlett, “Back to the Land”

Omri Benami, “Stealing Hurts: A Historical Examination of Health Care Fraud and Abuse in America”

Irene Bruce, “There Will (Not) Be Blood”

Meredith Carroll, “‘Frailty, Danger, and Isolation’: Turn-of-the-Century America and the Pathologization of Old Age”

Patrick Dowd, “Trickle-Down Addiction”

Johanna Foster, “Autonomous and Insane: The Gendered, Classed, and Raced Pathologization of Women’s Minds”

Lucy Gross, “Xenotransplantation: Dr. Frankenstein’s Latest Creation”

Monica Knaack, “Survival of the Fittest (Or the Richest)”

Collin Kramer, “Health Care for the Dying American: A Brief History”

Marisa Leib-Neri, “‘Everything in Nature goes in curves and circles’: Native American Concepts of Disability

Richard Li, “Shooting Up: Development of the Hypodermic Syringe”

Anthony Mack, “What You Can’t See May Indeed Hurt You: A Historical Analysis of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder”

Connor Mulligan, “Prozac or Depression: A History of Opposing Theories”

Ashley  Murphy, “An Increase in the Mind-Body Interaction in Healthcare: The Importance of Yoga”

Ruth Riedl, “Anatomy of a Pandemic: What Went Wrong During the 1918 Influenza Outbreak?”

Rebecca Salter, “Early Eating Disorders…Are They Actually Anorexia Nervosa?”

Ellen Schneider, “Let Your Freak Flag Fly: Constructing Health and Reinforcing American Exceptionalism through the Display of Othered Bodies “

Colton Silvia, “Willing to Serve, Unable to Wait”

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