Spring 2016

Thomas Auen, “Barriers” To the Condom’s Public Health Benefits

Toby Baratta, Sex Work and Stigma: A Historical Medical Approach 

Vincent Benlloch, Born Dead: The Culture of Slavery in American Medicine, Then and Now

Hannah Boggess, “Intolerable Lesbian Lovers”: Medicine’s Control of Deviant Sexuality and Gender Norms 

Nick Brule, The Solution to Weak Knees: A History of the Total Knee Replacement 

Stephen Crouch, Prostitution, Syphilis, and Bodily Autonomy

Samuel Curry, “One of Our Greatest Investments”: Breastfeeding in the Early 20th Century United States 

JP Defranco, The Outside Looking In: Social Influences on Mental Health

Annie Galloway, Nearsighted Normalcy: Evaluating What Frames Our Perspective on Normal Health and Illness

Su Lim, “First Do (No) Harm”: Unethical Human Experimentation and Ethics

Malena Maxwell, Let’s Talk about Intersex, Babies

Kirtimay Pendse, Women and Healthcare: Nursing in 19th Century Post Civil War America

William Rebelsky, Death, Profit, and Grinnell College

Charlie Rosenblum, The Effects of Medical Technology on the U.S. Economy 

Hannah Storch, Changing Views About Syphilis and Sex Education Around World War I

Kate Strain, Kindred Spirits

Jherron Sutton, Black Women and Contraception

Whitney Teagle, Medicalizing Obesity: American Perceptions of Body and Health

Beth Tshuha, Relationships in Abortion

Sadie Tristam, Development of American Medical Education

Phil Trubee, The Evolution of Trauma Medicine in Wartime

Oliver Vande Stouwe, A History of Drug Advertising, Federal Drug Regulation, and the Doctor-Patient Relationship 

Alexus Williams, Black Physicians in the South

Naomi Worob, Wonder Bread is Scientifically Proven to Be Good For Me? Medical Authority and Consumerism In America