Sex Work and Stigma: A Historical Medical Approach

Toby Baratta (2017) is a student at Grinnell College majoring in Computer Science and Political Science with a concentration in Statistics. She loves data analysis, accessible technology, queer life, intersectional feminism, and cats.  Sex work has been a popular conversation lately in the news and pop media. There have been talks about decriminalization, legalization, and… Read more Sex Work and Stigma: A Historical Medical Approach

Death, Profit, and Grinnell

William Rebelsky is a third year Mathematics, Chemistry, and Economics major at Grinnell College. After Grinnell, he plans to attend graduate school in a mathematically oriented field. Death, Profit, and Grinnell. What do these three things have in common? Influenza pandemics. Over the last century there have been numerous Influenza A pandemics that have killed… Read more Death, Profit, and Grinnell